Brooke Marie Hyland (born January 30, 1998) is the oldest dancer of the group in the show. She is the daughter of Randy and Kelly Hyland, and older sister of Josh and Paige Hyland. She is in tenth grade.

Brooke used to be one of Abby's favorites, but as she got older, she began to lose some interest in dance. She is a very talented acrobatics dancer, known for her contortion tricks. Brooke dreams to one day perform in Cirque Du Soleil.[2] Outside of Dance Moms, Brooke is a member of a more senior dance group at theAbby Lee Dance Company, but her mother wanted her to appear on television alongside her sister.

In July 24 2012, Brooke's first music single "Summer Love Song" was released on iTunes, and at one point, made it to number nine. In August 13 2013, she released her debut album.

Some facts about Brooke:
  • Brooke's favorite subject in school is math.[2]
  • She is a straight A student.[12]
  • Brooke says in a magazine interview that the show does not show her actual personality, portraying her as never laughing or smiling.
  • When a fan asked who Maddie's closest friend at Abby Lee Dance Company, Melissa responded that Brooke was.[13]
  • Both Maddie and Mackenzie have stated how close they are to Brooke. Mackenzie has said that she and Brooke are really close, and she considers her as an older sister.[14] Maddie has said that Brooke is her inspiration.[15]
  • Brooke has stated that her best friend in the cast is Maddie, because they have the most in common.[16]
  • Brooke was supposed to compete a solo in Chicago, but she did not compete.[citation needed]
  • Even though Brooke wasn't seen performing "Born to Dance" (also known as "A Child is Born") in the season two episode Brooke's Turning Point due to her wanting to tryout for cheerleading and it was rechoreographed to not feature her, the dance was rechoreographed to feature her when she and the girls performed the dance at JUMP Dance Competition, West Coast Dance Explosion and on The View.
  • She is a fan of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • The Notebook is her favorite movie.[citation needed]
  • Spicy food and seafood are her favorite types of food.[citation needed]
  • Brittany Pent is her role model.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite acrobatic trick is the handstand twist.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite city is Los Angeles.[citation needed]
  • She released a song on iTunes called "Summer Love Song" and released a debut album called "Brooke Hyland."
  • Her favorite style of dance to perform is dark.[2]
  • Her favorite style of dance to watch is acrobatic.[2]
  • Her favorite thing about dance is spending time with her friends and the beautiful costumes.[2]
  • Besides dance, she likes spending time with her friends.[2]
  • She doesn't know what she would be if she doesn't end up being a dancer.[2]
  • Her favorite dances to perform were "Twilight" and "Where Have All The Children Gone," and her least favorite was "Silver Spoons."[16]
  • Sutton Foster is one of her biggest inspirations.[17]
  • When Brooke was younger, a golf cart ran over her foot, and the doctors said she may not dance again. After she got surgery, she couldn't leave her house, but the first day she could was a dance competition. She ended up winning the National title, and she named that as her proudest moment.[18] Abby appears to refer to the incident during a fight with Kelly at the end of Night of the Living Dancers, saying she was the first one in the hospital when Kelly's husband drove over her kid's foot, and was in the room hugging her.
  • Her favorite color is purple.[2]
  • Her star sign is Aquarius.
  • Brooke and Kendall are the only ones of the group who haven't forgotten a solo onstage at a competition.
  • Brooke's mother Kelly used to dance at Abby Lee Dance Company, but she quit to become a cheerleader.[19]
  • Abby calls her "Brooding Brooke" due to her lack of interest in dance.

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    "I don't really get along with my mom unless shes buying me stuff" - Brooke Hyland.

    "If Brandon thinks that anything is going to happen between us on this date he's crazy" - Brooke Hyland.